We've heard of dumb drunken decisions before, but this one -- where two men were arrested after posing in front of a sheriff's helicopter in the middle of a medical emergency -- may just beat all others.

Jason Mayid, 25, and Justin Sanford, 24, of DeLand, Florida, were charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting arrest after they obstructed the helicopter, which was trying to transfer a man who had been beaten last Sunday morning.

The helicopter had just landed in a parking lot near JR's Country Western Club to pick up the injured man when Mayid and Sanford, who had been drinking at the club, broke through the police perimeter and ran towards it. Then, one posed in front of the helicopter while the other took pictures on his cellphone.

Police ordered the drunken duo to stop, but they ignored requests and continued with their photo op. So, deputies swooped in and physically removed them without violence.

What motivated these two knuckleheads in the first place? According to cops, they saw the helicopter land and simply thought it would make an "awesome" picture. Well, now they have an awesome picture of a totally different kind. (See above.)