The soldiers of New York Army National Guard’s 69th Infantry were needed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. However, the storm had hit the Manhattan armory were the troops were based, leaving with them with no hot water, no power and -- most importantly -- with no lines of communication.

Then they got a little help from the angels. Victoria's Secret Angels.

The lingerie company was setting up for their annual New York show, set to take place this week in the armory. They had eight 500-kilowatt generators, which they lent to the guardsmen. The show's producers had also rented out a dedicated T-1 line, which allowed the soldiers to communicate even though the local cell phone tower they had been depending on was down.

"We were dead in the water until Victoria's Secret showed up," Captain Brendan Gendron, the Regiment's operations officer, explained. (We think the pun was unintentionally.)

As the 69th Infantry continued with their rescue efforts they also borrowed a forklift from Victoria's Secrets.

Yes, Victoria's Secrets has a forklift. It should be quite a show.