The Vikings have a huge divisional game against the Chicago Bears this weekend. The players are ready for war. Vikings' linebacker wants the fans ready too -- and suggests everyone get liquored up and "super-duper" drunk.

In an interview with the Star Tribune, Greenway demanded that the fans not only choose liquor before beer (and maybe even skip the beer) but to start drinking the morning of the game or the morning before the morning of the game.

"Why not? You could pull an all-nighter. Then you'd have the drunk, tired guys who will really be obnoxious."

Having half the stadium drunk and obnoxious and the rest too boozy and tired to even make it through the gates for kickoff is an excellent plan Chad. We're sure if the Vikings happen to lose, all those fans will happily make a quiet exodus from the stadium.

We assumed Vikings fans were always super-duper drunk. We hope they don't actually put on those outfits stone sober.