No one carries a wallet anymore, right? Maybe not, but there are two reasons for this:

1- We're all broke. What do you put in a wallet when you have no cash? Debit cards? Pictures? Condoms? That's what cell phones are for ('cept the condoms part. Do not use a cell phone as a form of birth control.).

2- You have never had a chance to buy a wallet made from old baseball gloves. See, that is about to change.

Over the past year, Coach has been buying old baseball gloves on eBay and then retreating the mitts, stripping the laces out and piecing together unique wallets fashioned from the soft, supple leather. Coach has made at least 200 hand-numbered Heritage Baseball Glove Billfolds, which are scheduled to be available through the high-end retailer on May 1.

That means you have less than a month to get your stuff together and prepare to order yourself a wallet made from old baseball gloves. Sure, each numbered wallet costs $348, which is more money than you may have to put in the wallet, but just think: you'll be one of just 200 people to be able to whip out a wallet made from old baseball gloves. Some baseball-loving babe may think that's pretty cool.

Just don't buy any condoms made from old baseball gloves.