Danish TV show Dumt & Farligt (Stupid and Dangerous) is sort of like 'MythBusters' meets 'Jackass.' It bills itself as 'Stupidity Captured At 2500 Frames Per Second.' It's beautiful devastation.

During the show, two Danish guys think about crazy things they'd like to do in various every day household and real-life settings, and then they do them. While the stunts are all good fun, when you capture the crazy antics - like dropping some creme fraiche into a lawn mower or blowing up a lighter - in super slow-motion, the results are mesmerizing video.

Watch the devastation below:

Of course, you know enough to never try any of the stunts depicted in the video, but Dumt & Farligt has captured the carnage in such a beautiful manner that it is tempting. Don't do it. Just wait for their next video.

[Via Gawker]