What's scarier than a tornado? A tornado made of fire.

It was just a few days ago in the Australian outback that a fire tornado soared to heights of over 100 feet. An Australian filmmaker who happened to be scouting out some locations for a new film was on the scene to document. New film, you say? We're pulling for Twister 2, but mostly because we'd like to see Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt in fire fighter uniforms.

Firenados are pretty rare in the world of natural phenomenons, only occurring when there's been an immense drought, coupled with some brush fire and a hell of a lot of wind. Once they begin a-blowing, the winds carry the flames upwards and spiral in a vortex of hot air and fire terror.

Usually, the event lasts for only a few moments, but this one went on for forty minutes. So, that's terrifying.

We'll be in our storm shelter.