Most of our daily communication with other people is done using technology like email, Facebook chats and text messages just to name a few. Communication through technology helps those that aren't the best at expressing the way they feel with verbal communication. It allows people to think about what they want to say, before they even take the time to type it out.

This way of communicating is great for men because, frankly, we suck at saying how we feel about anything. Unfortunately, that inability to express our feelings often comes through in emails and texts. We don't know how to say we're happy, pissed, bitter or any other emotion we're feeling so we fall back on the communication crutch known as emoticons.

Just like anything else, however, there is the abuse of the 'emotional shortcut' known as the emoticon. Some men use them too much. Way, way too much. We polled some women to ask them what they thought of men that use way too many semi-colons and parentheses in daily exchanges.

"Men who use emoticons make me :/ On the one hand, I appreciate them trying to spruce up a plain old text, but on the other hand, be a f***** man." -- Michelle, 'Best Blogger Ever'

"He's either lame-sauce or my brother. But I don't have a brother, so..." -- Kaytie Dowling, Writer

"I can't trust a man who uses emoticons. It's the language of thirteen- year-old girls who are known for cattiness, flakiness, horrible fashion sense, bad music and watching crappy TV shows. Grow up and communicate in words."-- Althea, Medicine Woman

"I LOVE when a guy uses emoticons! It lets me know they’re down to help me pick out throw pillows and will never ever mistake fuchsia for magenta." -- Smethanie, Crazy Person

"It gives me douchechills, especially when he puts noses in the smiley faces." -- Maggie, Legend Maker

"That he's faking both the emoticons and the emotions behind them." -- Emily, Nerd

"Doesn't really matter in texts, unless he's using it way too much -- and I hate the winkey face. That's cheesy, always. In emails, it depends on the context! Never acceptable in a professional email." -- Allie, Geek

"He lacks the self-awareness to know that that is not something you do when you are not a twelve year old girl." -- Julieanne, Crossword Enthusiast