Mistakes happen with cars -- keys locked in the ignition, scraped bumpers against a parking dividers and carspumped full of jet fuel.

Motorists in New Jersey stopped at their local gas station to fill up but had no idea they were pumping high-octane jet fuel into their tanks. A delivery mistake to a Delta gas station in Keyport, NJ left many cars stalled because -- sadly -- jet fuel doesn't work in a car. Oh but if it did! "Want to go to the strip club? Great! I'll be over in .05 seconds."

The gas station was closed down until operators could identify which pump had the jet fuel and to properly clean it out.

Here is where things get a little fuzzy for us -- did the truck driver not know what type of petrol he was hauling or do airplanes usually fuel up at Delta stations in Jersey? At no point during his delivery did he wonder where they parked the jets that would use this fuel?