When you see a term like 'bladder banger' your mind automatically goes straight to thinking of something deviant. Well it's not, but it's still pretty strange.

If you're dorks like us, you watch a lot of Discovery Channel. 'Dirty Jobs' is one of our favorite shows. They always gross us out with other people's jobs and remind us our gig isn't so bad.

Last night, viewers learned about bladder bangers. No, it's not at all related to necrophilia or anything like that. It turns out it's a big part of the Mardi Gras celebration in Mobile, Alabama. On a side note, did you know that the Mobile Mardi Gras has been going on longer than New Orleans has been around? Suck on those beads Louisiana.

Back to bladder banging. Mike Rowe went into a place that takes cow bladders, cleans them out, blows them up, drys them out and then paints them for a creepy looking Mardi Gras mascot to bang around during the parade. But why cow bladders? It goes back to the old days when people believed in voodoo and banging the bladders around apparently warded off evil spirits.

What a dirty, pointless job. Though bragging about being a "professional bladder banger" might be the ultimate pick-up line. At least the business cards would be cool.