PajamaJeans -- the stretchy, part-demin, part-pajama pants creation -- took the world by storm this year. But since they're only made for women, guys everywhere were left thinking: "What about us? Don't we get ridiculous knit pants that look like jeans too?"

Why yes, fashion-forward ones. You do!

These Knit Jean Lounge Pants don't just have an elastic drawstring waist with side seam pockets, they're also screenprinted with the designs of rips, tears and a fake button fly.

As if that weren't enough, another pair has what looks like boxers peeking out the top! Because if there's anything hotter than that actually happening, it's the illusion of it happening.

Both variations are completely sold out right now (awww) but don't cry. We're betting they'll be back in stock soon.

[Via TheStir]