(The following is in no way an ad for Chex Mix. It's just a guy, gorging on the stuff, asking an honest question. While wearing a condom on his head.)

So, I'm sitting at my desk, eating from a giant trough of Chex Mix left over from the Super Bowl, and I pop one of those bagel chippy things into my mouth and say aloud "oh I love those, they are my favorite." I follow it up with a Chex and I go "oh I love those, they are my favorite."

Wait. You double-timing jerk. You can't love them both. I mean I can, but not equally. I've got to love one more than the other. These are Chex Mix, not children, there has to be a favorite. (Kidding- we've all got a favorite kid). I've got to choose my favorite part of Chex Mix. I've narrowed it down to four options, which was easy, considering there are only four things in Chex Mix.

Fine. The bagel things. NO! The sex toy looking things. AH! Blast! The pretzels. Wait, I can't say pretzels, that's like choosing missionary as your favorite position.

This is too hard, and I've got eating to do, so I'm leaving it up to the crowd -- vote for your favorite.