Nugging. It sounds like something that happens to your testicular region behind closed doors. In this Jack in the Box commercial, featuring not one but two hot chicks, we find out that nugging is the equivalent of a mugging. Only instead of money or iPhones being lifted, your chicken nuggets are jacked and eaten by some hungry jerk.

Turns out these girls made up this elaborate BS story about getting "nugged," when in actuality, they ate the nuggets themselves. It's a forgivable offense only because they are hot.

Want to know who these fine specimens are?

The straight-haired babe on the left is Rya Meyers, an actress who is based in Los Angeles. She's been on 'Pretty Little Liars' and in something called 'Supershark' which we've already added to NetFlix.

The curly-haired babe on the right is Chaley Rose Jackson, who is also from L.A. She loves music, the moon and cheeseburgers, if you care what her Twitter bio says. She's clearly carnivorous.

We'd nug 'em both.