With the 'March Madness' of the NCAA Division I men's basketball tournament fully upon us, the Hooters ad with Dick Vitale has been in heavy rotation on sports programming channels. Watch the ad below:

The Hooters ad creates a question more pressing than 'Which team do you have winning your bracket?' or 'How do we get Dickie V to shut up?'…Who is that girl in the Hooters Ad with Dick Vitale?

Answer: Ashleigh Dunn, 24, a Hooters girl, model and actress from Atlanta, plays 'Nurse Ashleigh' in the Hooters ad with Dick Vitale.

Ashleigh Dunn has represented Hooters, the restaurant chain famous for hot wings, cold beer and ample cleavage, in many local and corporate promotions, calendars and ad campaigns. In addition to her work for Hooters, Dunn has been on 'Best Damn Sports Show' and 'Fox and Friends,' and she played a role in 'Van Wilder: Freshman Year' (and, really, if any saga needed a prequel, that one did).

Because the NCAA tournament hasn't even started yet, you'll be seeing more of Ashleigh Dunn with Dick Vitale. We're not sure if Dickie V is up for a sequel, but if all nurses look like Ashleigh, we are most certainly getting a case of 'March Madness' right away.