A cross-country drive might be a thrilling idea to adventuresome guys, especially if you get to travel with a hot girl.

The new AT&T 'Road Music' commercial highlights the wireless carrier's ability to keep music downloads available coast-to-coast regardless of location or music taste. While there are certainly questions that any potential AT&T subscriber would have about the service's ability to deliver on the promise of the commercial, most guys would just ask: Who is the hot girl in AT&T Road Music commercial? Answer: Ingrid Haas.

Watch the commercial spot below:

In the commercial, Haas' character and her ginger-tastic boyfriend travel from the West Coast to Brooklyn. As they roll through various locales such as the Rockies and Texas, the duo sings along and wonders about their musical inclinations. We're hoping there's a director's cut of this commercial where they actually have a whole lot of roadside sex, otherwise, this is the worst road trip ever, even if AT&T paid for it all.

In real life, Ingrid Haas is an actress and comedy troupe member. Many may recognize Ingrid from her role as Monique in the major motion picture 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.' A graduate of Ryerson Theatre School (BFA) and Claude Watson School, Ingrid has also had lead roles in stage plays.

Ingrid Haas was a founding member of Charity & Chastity, a comedic duo that does dirty humor through songs. She also works with Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and has been featured in several College Humor sketches.

You'll definitely see more of Ingrid Haas in the future. The ginger? Not so much.