A couple weeks ago, Agent Provocateur debuted their latest commercial for their Margot line of lingerie from the 'Classics' collection. In it, a thief snatches an old lady's purse and takes off. A bodacious bystander gives chase in a floral print dress, but has it ripped off by a chain link fence, exposing her super sexy undergarments. She eventually catches the robber after a series of cuts showing off her toned body in action, which were made greater thanks to slow motion.

Nearly every guy who watched the clip had the same comment: I'm going to become a thief. Not exactly the message AP was hoping to convey, but when you have a smoking hot girl riding you on the ground in her particulars, it's bound to produce fuzzy logic. When you're swinging and missing, dire situations call for dire measures.

So, who's the hot heroine? It's Anastasia Grawe. She's repped by Union Models in the UK and Muse in NYC. You can see more of her acting more vixen than vigilante in this video for AW12 lingerie and Lingerie Buyer.

She loves guys that are spontaneous, silly and sweet and she'd love to take a hot air balloon ride over the Amazon before she meets her maker. Her life mantra is to 'embrace every day‘ with her perfect day being a reasonable lie-in in bed, then a long gastro-pub lunch. We can accommodate that.

Height: 5'9.5 | Measurements: 34-23-35

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