The hot cougar in the Dewar's Scotch commercial who asks "Are you thirsty?" will certainly get you drunk on her hotness. Yeah, she's that attractive. She should look familiar to fans of '90s movies like 'Mallrats' or 'The Rock,' because she had parts in both of those flicks.

Can't place her? Wondering who she is and what's her name?

Well, we'll tell you. She's Claire Forlani, an English actress.

Other places you may have seen her hotness? She's also been in 'Meet Joe Black' and had recurring roles on 'CSI: NY' and 'NCIS: Los Angeles' recently, so she has a thing for crime procedurals. She's 40 now, so that does qualify her for cougardom. But she's held up quite well. Plus, if she was offering you a glass of Dewar's, would you turn her down? We didn't think so.

Dust off that old VHS copy of 'Mallrats' that's stuffed under your bed and enjoy some more of her hotness. If you're a fan of the 'Police Academy' franchise, because, really, who isn't, thanks to Steve Guttenberg, she was also in 'Police Academy: Mission to Moscow.'

Ben Pruchnie, Getty Images
Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images