Who's the hot brunette with the killer smile who makes her dude want to buy her expensive jewelry and admit that she's like the sun around which he revolves in the Forevermark Center of My Universe commercial?

Her name is Paige Spara and she is a recent NYC transplant from Pennsylvania.

Her life goals are "to experience as much as she can, while she can." She also claims she will "never give up, always ask for help and exude truthful performances whether it be in front of a camera or a live audience..... or for my momma in our living room." No, seriously. She wrote that in her bio.

She is as about as wholesome as a tall glass of milk, this girl. If we were the marrying type, we'd make her a sister wife, of course.

She's also appeared in a Sally Hansen nail polish spot, if you have a hand fetish. You can watch that clip on her site, too.

Facebook / Paige Spara
Facebook / Paige Spara