We know, we know -- Shopping is often a fate worse than death for dudes, especially during the holiday season. But when there is a commercial about shopping at T.J. Maxx (and other discount retailers like HomeGoods and Marshalls), featuring a hot babe known as "The Gifter," due to her shopping and bargain hunting prowess, well, you just might be convinced to engage in a little retail therapy.

So who is she?

The beautiful brunette is actress and model Olga Fonda. No, she is not a member of the American acting dynasty featuring Bridget (who was hot in the '90s) or Jane (who was hot in the '60s.) She is originally from Siberia – wow, there is heat in Siberia? Well, when you're talking about our girl Olga, there is.

Fonda has some quality acting credits to her name, including 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' and 'Real Steel.'

Check out some shots of her in action, as "The Gifter" and beyond.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
Kevin Winter, Getty Images