There's a hot girl named Monica in an "explosive" commercial for those reliable Toyota Corollas. No, things don't spontaneously burst into flames when coming into contact with Monica's hotness. She stops to fuel up and the driver parked at the pump in front of her forgets to remove the nozzle from the gas tank and drives away, causing a fireball to erupt.

Monica is screwed, right? Nah, since her sensible wheels have "legendary" gas mileage, blah blah blah.

Who's the hot girl who makes smart but boring choices when it comes to cars?

She's Hanie Lynch and she's done commercials for McDonald's and Heineken and appeared in online sketch comedy shows. Funny and cute makes up for the boring set of wheels.

Her bio says she is into rollerblading, Latin ballroom and hip-hop dancing and more importantly, she throws a Nerf football like a boy. We'd like to stand under her center.