Any girl who can make a song out of the word mozzarella (mozzarel-la-la-la-la) is worth a beer or three at the bar. That's just what the fiery redhead in the Wendy's Chicken Mozzarella Supreme commercial --named Wendy, of course, after the chain's mascot-- does. She reminds us why we love ginger girls.

She's likely familiar to you, and not just because you stuff your face at Wendy's on a daily basis and she looks a little bit like Alyson Hannigan, the other hot chick that wasn't Tara Reid but who you still used to fantasize about from 'American Pie.'

This babe actually appears in several commercials for the delicious and artery-clogging sandwiches on the menu. So this is a repeat gig for her. You can't expect the Wendy to appear in just one commercial hawking greasy food, now can you?

Who is the "Wendy's Girl?"

Her real name is Morgan Smith Goodwin and she is a southern girl, hailing from Birmingham, Alabama. She has paid her dues in the New York theater community and she has some film and TV credits under her belt, as well. She is also a former blonde.