Ads for wireless service companies are everywhere. If you aren't seeing a commercial for Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon, you're probably just watching too much porn (and we're glad we don't have to pay your data overages or share a keyboard with you.)

The Sprint 'Unlimited' ad has been airing on sporting events, reality TV and other shows since last fall. In the ad, a cute brunette (with an unlimited data plan from Sprint ™, natch) seems to use her phone so much that she doesn't really care to interact with the outside world. Or look up. Ever. Watch the Sprint 'Unlimited' ad below:

The beautiful, phone-centric girl in the Sprint 'Unlimited' data ad is actress Rebecca Kaasa. A youthful-looking mash-up of Roma Downey and Zooey Deschanel, Rebecca Kaasa has had small roles in daytime soap 'As the World Turns' and nighttime soap 'Gossip Girl.'

And, Rebecca Kaasa also contributed to musical comedy band Summer and Eve, as you can see/hear in 'Bong Song.' She's on conga in the video below:

With beauty, youth and comic sensibility going for her, Rebecca Kaasa may start showing up with more consistency than Sprint's cell service does.