The only thing we love more than a $10 price tag for any pizza regardless of size or toppings from Pizza Hut is a hot girl who is equally as excited about cheap eats.

In the new Pizza Hut commercial for its resurrected $10 Any Pizza campaign, an excitable redhead appears to share the details of the savings, among a bunch of other people we didn't pay attention to because they weren't nearly as hot or as female.

Who is this pizza lover whose captured our attention?

She's Erica Piccininni and that's some mouthful for a surname. If you want to judge her solely based on her work, then you'd assume she's a fan of fast food, since she's also appeared in a McDonald's commercial. Hey, you gotta go where the jobs are, right?

But she's not all about fattening grub. She also shot a non-food spot for Nationwide Insurance, too. Besides commercials, she's also done theater and TV.  Some of her small screen credits include 'The Good Wife' and 'The Closer.'

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