NFL fans are a superstitious bunch. Many admit to sitting in the same spot on the couch every Sunday, thinking it in some way affects the outcome of the game. Any sane person knows that one has nothing to do with the other, but we're not here to crush dreams. A series of Bud Light commercials capture this obsessive compulsive behavior are kinda funny, but they're much better when they feature a hot chick, like the 'Visitor' spot does.

Here, a former tenant, who watched every 49ers game from his lucky seat during the Super Bowl season, returns to his former apartment now occupied by this beer-swilling babe and her boyfriend. It's an attempt to help restore the team to its long-ago, former glory. She's a big enough Niners fans to let him stay for the game. We love a hot girl who "gets it" when it comes to dumb guy stuff.

The actress playing the girlfriend is Stefanie Malouf.

She sings. She's been in an episode of 'The Newsroom.' She's done theater. We were bummed she doesn't throw the javelin or that she's not a killer jouster, since her commercial character seems so into sports quirks. But she was probably just acting. Okay, so she's hot and talented.