Few things are as important to a dude as his wheels. But you might not even notice there is a "topless" Fiat 500 Abarth Cabrio in this commercial, thanks to the distraction provided by the super hot chick who is lounging on a sandy beach. She eventually goes "topless" thanks to a savvy crab crawling up her back and undoing her bikini.

Relax, it's not as hot as it sounds or as we just set it up to be. We don't see her lady lumps, but we do see her beautiful face. And we know crabs aren't exactly an enticing thought.

Who is this crabby cutie?

Her name is Catrinel Menghia, a NYC based supermodel, actress and photographer. You'll be seeing more of her in the future even without watching the Fiat commercial repeatedly. She will appear on an episode of 'CSI: Las Vegas' in January, playing Hodges' fiance.

She's also on Twitter, so you can follow her, gawk and stalk.

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