"Couchgating" is the newest "art" for sports fans. When the Game Day bucket from KFC chicken hits the coffee table, it's about to get real up in this piece. Friends + football + KFC = couchgating. The formula is immutable, and as the hot chick (with a major attitude) explains, a football party without the KFC is not couchgating.

So who is this fine specimen who schools us on the finer points of couchgating, the one who says, "Gameday Bucket go boom!?"

Her name is Sara Fletcher. She's small but mighty, just how we like 'em. She specializes in comedic acting and you can follow her web footprints and exploits here.

What's she done, besides extol the virtues of sucking down chicken while watching the playoffs? She played the secret girlfriend (the best kind!) in a Comedy Central show called 'The Secret Girlfriend.' Fletcher also starred in the indie wrestling flick called 'Beyond the Mat,' which you might want to Netflix if it ever lands there. Too bad it wasn't about oil wrestling.

If you like small doses, like 140-character tweets, follow her Twitter feed. We're keeping that small but mighty theme going.