In Target's blinding new 'Everyday Collection' commercial, everything is whitewashed. A gorgeous and leggy brunette climbs a white ladder, dressed in white, set against a white background. It hurts our eyes to watch.

The gorgeous specimen really does knows how to handle that geometrically shaped ladder. Too bad more construction sites don't boast women this bangin'. Oh, and she has some pretty nice stems, too. It looks like she's promoting light bulbs and other basics that the discount retailer sells in this commercial, but that's really not important to us. What is critical information, however, is the real identity of this babe.

She's Nina Daniele. Don't pretend you didn't think the same thing we did -- Any girl with two first names is usually one of two things or both: incredibly hot and usually a stripper or porn star. She is sadly only a model.

Other information on Miss Nina Daniele is somewhat scarce. But you can enjoy the photos posted on her modeling agency page. Each one is more slammin' than the next. Plus, they tell you her shoe size, so in case you have a foot can fantasize accurately.