There's a kick-ass Christmas commercial for Target that features Iron Man, Spider-Man and a really hot chick. She enlists the superheroes to help wrap presents for the holidays. Spidey uses his webbing as tape and Iron Man uses his laser to cut through wrapping paper (but somehow not the countertop). They are like Santa elves, only infinitely cooler.

We know Iron Man is really Tony Stark and Spidey is really Peter Parker, but what's the alter ego of the hot chick? She's Amanda Sudano and she's literally hot stuff, since her mother was the late, great disco queen Donna Summer.

Sudano is following in her mom's footsteps, singing in a duo dubbed Johnnyswim with her husband Abner Ramirez. Check them out here.

She also is the first black model to appear solely in Louis Vuitton ads, and while you probably don't know or care who Louis Vuitton is -and shouldn't- it's worth mentioning since she is a game changer who is breaking down barriers and that's always admirable.

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