A robot that vacuums your carpet? Not impressive anymore. Seen it. Watched the endless videos of cats playing with it. What is impressive? How about a robot that can cling to a pane of glass hundreds of feet up and clean dirt, grime and smudges off your windows while you drain a cold one on the couch watching 'The Walking Dead'. Yeah, that works.

Designed to do the one thing everyone hates and keeps putting off—resulting in a view looking like something out of a Ridley Scott movie—the Winbot 7 is the first ever robot programmed with the prime directive to clean windows. (In addition to the Three Laws, of course.)

Once it's stuck firmly to your window (or mirror or any glass surface), the Winbot zips around measuring the pane to deduce the best cleaning path. (The attached safety tether keeps it from accidentally detaching and falling on the head of some lawsuit-happy pedestrian below.) Then it zig-zags around the window like a gravity-defying Zamboni, delivering cleaning solution from its front pad, clearing off all traces of liquid and dirt with its squeegee, leaving your window completely dry with its on-board drying pad. One pass and it's done.

Then all you need to do is press the release trigger to free it from the glass and you're back on the couch... wondering what you're gonna do about all that dust you can see on the floor now that there's actually daylight shining in.