Hell hath no fury like a woman with a plush animal. Police arrested a Pennsylvania woman last week after she allegedly struck her boyfriend in the face with a stuffed Furby toy during a heated argument at their residence.

Ashley Trimmer, 27, of Moon Twp., Pa. is facing a misdemeanor simple assault charge for allegedly striking William Ley. Ley told police that during an argument he was having with Trimmer, she threw a Furby at him, hitting him in the right side of the face. He said she followed up by throwing a PlayStation controller into the left side of his face. So much for turning the other cheek.

Trimmer was released from the Allegeheny County jail on $2000 bail. Prior to the incident, the couple were listed as being in a relationship on Facebook. After the altercation, Trimmer is no longer on Ley's list of friends. It proved that in 2013, a stuffed plush to the face and 'unfriending' is about as official as a break-up can get.