We've all forgotten about some piece of food stored deep, deep in the fridge only to eventually find it completely moldy and gross. Sometimes we let it languish for so long we can't even remember exactly what the heck it used to be. "That's either an onion or a half-eaten Hot Pocket."

It's not often that people mistake a rotted piece of food for an alien corpse.

A slightly off-kilter woman from Petrozavodsk, Russia kept this alien-like vegetable in her fridge because she thought it was the corpse of an outer space visitor. Marta Yegorovnam actually claims she discovered the alien at a UFO crash site, ironically right outside her house, encased in scolding hot metal. She either wanted to keep it in her fridge as a souvenir to preserve it or possibly to make a nice salad for lunch.

In her defense, the whatever-it-is does actually look like a creature of some sort, with a clear mouth and pair of eyes. Apparently these types of claims occur in Russia all the time so maybe that's where the full scale alien invasion will begin. Let's just hope these eggplant people stay far away from US because we've only got so much room left in our refrigerators.

[via Gizmodo]