Gentlemen, if your lady has been on the fence about that breast augmentation surgery, here’s a little ammunition for you -- this woman’s implants saved her life.

Not everyone thinks a boob job is the way to go, but a Florida woman definitely feels like it’s the best money she ever spent on herself after one of her enhanced breasts saved her life during an attack. The unidentified woman was accosted by her ex’s new girlfriend outside his home. The girlfriend was scratching her car with a knife and then went after the newly augmented woman.

She was stabbed repeatedly on the left side of her chest, but none of the blows made it through to her lungs or heart. She said she was able to get her attacker to stop stabbing her and then realized she was bleeding and that her implant was leaking all over her.

The 41-year-old woman now says the $6,000 surgery was “the best investment I’ve ever made.” Her doctor sees some new possibilities after the incident. “If this saves lives, there’s nothing wrong with passing legislation that everybody should have a breast prosthesis,” he said.

What's this doctor's name? He should be elected President. Right now.

[Via Jezebel]