Statuesque stunner Lynda Carter famously brought DC Comic heroine Wonder Woman to life on the boob tube in the '70s. Ever since then, the masses have clamored for the lasso-wielding goddess to get the reboot. Yet, for whatever reason, film projects potentially starring Cobie Smulders and Christina Hendricks have stalled while last year's attempt to bring Wonder Woman back to the small screen didn't even get past a pilot episode.

So, if you have a thing for Amazonian women in tight-fitting patriotic attire your options are limited to finding some old Lynda Carter video tapes or getting your girl to do some cosplay.

Thanks to ETSY seller MESHALO, option two is only a couple clicks away. The designer is offering made-to-order Wonder Woman swimsuits for the price $75.99. Now, you just need to get an actual girlfriend.

[via ETSY]