After discovering a camera hidden in the shower area of a family recreation facility in Texas, police were able to track down the person who installed the device with the help of the person who installed the camera.

Christopher Scott Furber was arrested after he took video of himself with the camera he installed in the family bathroom of the Oak Point Recreation Center in Plano, Texas. The 43-year-old 'genius' installed the camera, and then looked right at it more than once, allowing it to capture his image.

When the camera, which was disguised to look like an air freshener, was discovered about an hour later, police searched it to see if anyone had been recorded. They found video of just one family and the unidentified man. They circulated images of the man to local media and asked for help from the public to identify him.
Police received a tip and found Furber in his home, where he was arrested. He was charged with improper photography or visual recording.

Police have checked other recreation facilities for similar devices and warned neighboring communities to do the same. Also, if a giant "Warm Woolen Mittens" scented Yankee Candle seems to be watching you urinate, please contact local authorities.

[Via Daily Mail]