Cars can already do some amazing things like warn drivers if their about to hit something (or someone) and even parallel park and drive on their own. Is a voice-powered car coming soon?

In November, the Nissan hosted the Voice Driver Cup Grand Prix, an competition to crown the voice-powered race champion.

The company's YouTube channel explained how it all works.

"The concept was made a reality in a one-year production effort to bring the enjoyment of motor sports excitement to everyone, young and old alike. All you need to enter the race is your voice. No complicated driving operations are needed as the volume of your voice is translated directly into the car's propulsion."

Check out this video showing the entire process from concept to race day.

Nissan has already developed radio controlled cars powered only by the sound of a person's voice. If Nissan is the driving force behind this idea, real voice-controlled cars can't be far behind.