WrestleMania 28 is set for tonight in Miami. As a wrestling fan, you must review the results of our inaugural WrestleMania Poll-o-mania before you are ready to watch this year's version of the biggest spectacle in wrestling. Here's a voting recap (as of noon ET, April 1):

Who will win the combination obligatory Divas Match/obligatory celebrity appearance?

Winner: Maria Menounos & Kelly Kelly 81%

Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly were the hands-down poll winners over Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. Not sure if that voting will make it so in the ring, though celebrities do have a way of making a splash during WrestleMania.


How long will the Divas Match be?

Winner: 4-6 minutes 43%

Most wrestling fans who took the pole expect a decent-length match, but no epic struggle.


What will be the outcome of the Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny 12-Man Tag Team Match?

Winner: Team Teddy 69.3%

Poll results pick Theodore Long to become the General Manager of both 'Raw' and 'SmackDown' over John Laurinaitis by virtue of Team Teddy's win at WrestleMania.


Who will give the standout performance in the 12-Man Tag Team Match?

Winner: Booker T 47.3%

Pollsters think Booker T can still break it down and outperform Dolph Zigler, Santino Marella and David Otunga.


Which guy with no real storyline to be involved with will come out on top?

Winner: Randy Orton 87.6%

A big TKO for Randy O over Kane from our WrestleMania poll.


How many RKOs will Orton hit Kane with?

Winner: Two 53.9%

Pollsters think there will be double-trouble for Kane, as Randy Orton will land at least two RKOs.


What will be the outcome of the Intercontinental Championship Match?

Winner: Big Show wins, gains the title 49.4%

Poll results indicate readers think The Big Show will prevail to beat Cody Rhodes for the IC title at WrestleMania.


Who will leave ‘WrestleMania’ with the World Heavyweight Championship?

Winner: Sheamus 85%

It looks like Sheamus is a favorite to beat Daniel Bryan for the belt.


Will A.J. get involved in her boyfriend’s match?

Winner: Yes, she'll get in Sheamus' way 46.6%

Pollsters believe that A.J. will somehow find a way to get in Sheamus' way during the title bout at WrestleMania.


Who will win the WWE Championship Match?

Winner: CM Punk 74.2%

Our pollsters think CM Punk will beat Chris Jericho for the championship.


Who do you think is the true Best in the World?

Winner: CM Punk 65.6%

Readers also think CM Punk is the best in the world right now.


Which grizzled star of yesteryear will be victorious at ‘WrestleMania XXVIII?'

Winner: Undertaker 63.5%

Our poll results show that more than a majority of voters believe that The Undertaker will top Triple H in the match between old pros.


What’s the craziest thing those two old maniacs will do in their Hell in a Cell Match?%

Winner: Smash through the side of the cell 40.7%

Once The Undertaker and Triple H start wrestling in the cell, the thinking from our pollsters is it won't take long for them to break things up in Miami at WrestleMania.


What kind of response do you think Cena will get in Miami?

Winner: Mixed 48.7%

Voters seem to think that John Cena will get a mixture of boos and cheers when he takes to the ring to fight The Rock at WrestleMania in Miami.


How many times to you expect to hear new WWE Hall of Famer Ron Simmons say, “DAMN!”

Winner: 4 or more 51.3%

Poll results indicate that Ron Simmons will say'DAMN' at least four times at WrestleMania 28.


What match do you think will be the night’s best?

Winner: John Cena vs. The Rock 38.6% /Undertaker vs. Triple H 38.6%

A tie among voters for the best match of the night, as John Cena vs. The Rock and Undertaker vs. Triple H each garnered 38.6 percent of the votes. It looks like these two matches are the favorites to be the best of WrestleMania 28.