The Shield made their usual entrance through the crowd, only it's MetLife Stadium, so the entrance was far more impressive.

Big Show found himself on the wrong end of The Shield cutting off the ring. It's unorthodox to have the biggest guy in the match getting dominated, but that's what so great about The Shield. Sheamus found himself getting the tag, and gave both Rollins and Ambrose his vintage forearms on the apron.

Roman Reigns broke up their comeback from the outside of the ring, which led to Randy Orton joining the fray. Seth Rollins recovered just long enough from Sheamus' barrage to perform a nasty looking suicide dive to the outside.

Things became real interesting when The Shield went for their triple powerbomb on Sheamus, but Big Show made the save. Then when Sheamus finally made it to his corner to make a tag, Randy Orton swooped in the glory. He went off on The Shield with everything he had, but caught a spear from Roman Reigns that he couldn't kick out of. Big Show watched from the apron instead of breaking up the pin-fall.

WINNER: The Shield. An angry Big Show laid out both Sheamus and Randy Orton with KO punches after the match.