Jack Swagger didn't get an entrance, but Zeb Colter cut a pre-match promo instead. Del Rio's entrance made up for Swagger's lack of one, as the firework display was double what Jericho had, and Del Rio has a new entrance robe. It looks more Karate Kid than Nature Boy, but still pretty cool.

Aside from a beisbol slide from Del Rio, Swagger controlled the early going. The match had a very methodical pace, but that made each move seem more impactful.

Alberto Del Rio seemed to turn the tables with a stiff German Suplex, but Swagger bounced right back with a near-fall on "The Mexican Aristocrat".

Both men then exchanged their finishers, which in this rare case are both submission holds, which led to a sweet exchange. Swagger had his ankle lock, Del Rio rolled it into a Cross Armbreaker, but somehow Swagger regained an Ankle Lock. Ropes broke it all up in the end.

Then the mangers got involved. Zeb attacked Ricardo, Del Rio made the save, but Swagger ambushed him. He tossed Del Rio into the barricade, and then the ring.

Del Rio sprang to his feet, and locked in another Cross Armbreaker. Swagger had to tap this time.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio