The match began with Dolph Ziggler giving AJ Lee a kiss, which was mocking Daniel Bryan who lost his title at WrestleMania 28 for doing the same. Daniel Bryan kicked Ziggler in the head, and nearly won the match, but Ziggler kicked out at 2.99999. It was a brilliant callback to last year.

Big E Langston finally makes his in-ring debut on WWE TV, and he threw Kane around like a rag doll for a couple minutes before tagging in Ziggler to pick up the scraps.

Kane came back with an old school Undertaker uppercut on Dolph Ziggler, and it was all 'Team Hell No' from there. Daniel Bryan caught Big E on the outside with a flying knee off the apron, Kane chokeslammed Ziggler, and after a tag, Daniel Bryan won with a flying headbutt.

Winners: 'Team Hell No'