Yes, we all know pro wrestling is fake but the glistening gladiators do have to be "real" athletes to perform their stunts. And they do have to really pump themselves up with weights (and sometimes chemicals) to achieve their startling physiques.

And when these performers take to the camera to deliver their pre and post-fight monologues, the deep breath they take before they spit out their verbal venom is very real indeed.

The supercut above consists of classic pro wrestlers breathing heavily. Old school fan favorites like Razor Ramon, The Ultimate Warrior and, of course, Hulk Hogan do their best to catch their breath with the camera rolling.  WWF interviewer Mean Gene Okerlund is also in many of the clips, clearly preparing himself for the steady current of saliva which is about to fly over his bald dome.

All in all, it's quite disturbing. In fact, if Hulk Hogan is going to sue all those who are responsible for his sex tape leak, he might want to also launch litigation against the folks who put together this video.