With epic beard like of Daniel Bryan, Damien Sandow, CM Punk, and even WWE C.O.O. Triple H, it seems like every wrestler on the planet is trying to get in on the funny facial hair fad.

It's hard to find a match or promo on WWE TV that doesn't feature a wrestler with some kind of beard, goatee, or mustache dominating his face. For every clean shaven John Cena-type, there are three Superstars trying to add character by adding facial hair.

Bad beards and odd lip ticklers aren't new to the squared circle. There is a rich tradition of wrestlers sporting terrible facial hair. Here's our list of our favorite wrestling face flops over the years.

  • The Undertaker

  • Randy Orton

  • Cody Rhodes

  • Chris Jericho

  • Hornswoggle

  • Amish Roadkill

  • Rick Rude

  • Harley Race

  • Damien Demento

  • Jeff Hardy

  • Mike Knox

  • One Man Gang

  • Ox Baker

  • Rick Steiner

  • Magnum TA

  • Hulk Hogan

  • Capt. Lou Albano