Beggars can't be choosers, and in the world of professional wrestling there is only one chooser -- Vince McMahon. Some guys leave the WWE because they want to do movies, or MMA, or both, or neither, but it seems they all come crawling back to kiss Vince's ring. Currently, two such past stars are doing just that.

First there is Ken Shamrock. Ken has openly stated that he want's back into WWE so he can finally reach the pinnacle, a world title shot. Seems WWE hasn't been getting back to him, and I'm not exactly sure they should. He probably watched a best of King of the Ring DVD, saw himself beat The Rock, then caught the Rock on Raw, and thought to himself "who did this guy ever beat?"

Then there is Dave Bautista. A man who can actually carry his share of a World Title match. After recently watching him battle The Undertaker, my first post-match thought was "the world needs more Batista". He was at a recent NXT taping, but he was only there to record something for a DVD. Plans of his return are supposedly being worked out, but he wants Rock/Brock Lesnar money, and WWE isn't willing to fork it out to the fourth billed star of Man With the Iron Fists.

Can Vince work out a deal with either man? Does he even want to? I have a feeling we'll be seeing Batista on next year's WrestleMania card.