Daniel Bryan sat down for an interview with Eurosport Turkey over the weekend. Bryan had some interesting things to say about his training with Shawn Michaels and William Regal, how much he disliked the original concept of NXT, his time as World Champion and his eagerness to drop his current comedic role in the WWE.

Bryan told Eurosport Turkey he hated the original concept of NXT because it was "disrespectful to wrestling in general."  Bryan felt that the contests and challenges on the show "make competitors look stupid" and that it’s incredibly challenging to make people stars in the WWE "when they've already been made to look stupid on television”

Bryan also touched on his current character in the WWE and what he hopes for the future.

“I was able to do lots of comedy stuff on Pro Wrestling Guerilla and shows like that, it’s been fun to do that to a wider audience. But now, I’m starting to feel like aching for the more serious stuff, being able to go out there and just wrestle."

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