Shawn Michaels came out first, which is weird because Brock came out next. I've never seen that before. I guess they wanted to save HHH's personal viking set piece for last.

These two went into insta-brawl mode. The first rough bump of the match was taken by HHH in the form of a belly-to-belly suplex. This was instantly followed by two more rough bumps, one on the announce table, one on the table debris (and Triple H's dome).

Brock Lesnar tossed "The Game" into the ring, and then continued the suplex exhibition for quite a while. The next time they found themselves outside the ring, HHH turned the tables with some chair shots.

In complete WrestleMania 28 fashion, HBK attempted to hit HHH's opponent with Sweet Chin Music, but received an F-5 from Lesnar for his troubles.

The Game and Lesnar exchanged finishers, but neither man stayed down for the count. Brock Lesnar found a piece of the staircase at ringside, and pummeled Triple H into the mat with it.

Then they took a page out of Taker/HBK at WrestleMania 26, when Lesnar told HHH to retire, and HHH slapped the taste out of his mouth. It was a race to the Kimura Lock from there.

HHH locked the Kimura in, for quite a while, so Lesnar called for Heyman's assistance. Paul E. climbed into the ring, grabbed a chair, and caught a Superkick to the face from HBK. Lesnar took things into his own hands, and laid "The Game" out on his trusty staircase (very similar to HHH/Taker WrestleMania 28). It took a few slams, but HHH released the hold, and DDT'd Lesnar onto the stairs.

To cap things off HHH hit his Pedigree on those same stairs, and Lesnar was down for the count.

Winner: Triple H