Ryback came down the entrance ramp rocking some new green gear for WrestleMania 29! The match began with what basically amounted to a Sumo wrestling competition. That is, until Henry crushed Ryback. The next five minutes were all Mark Henry. Ryback took a spill to the outside, but nothing highlight worthy.

Ryback finally mounted a bit of offense, and went for his finisher, The Shell Shock. He, amazingly, was able to get Henry up, but Henry grabbed the ropes, and caused Ryback to fall forward. Henry legit squished Ryback, making this a literal "squash" match. That was a brutal looking bump.

After the match, Mark Henry returned to the ring for a bit more, and Ryback jumped to his feet to deliver a spinebuster. This was followed up by a successful Shell Shock from The Ryback.

Winner: Mark Henry via pinfall