Simple entrances for both men. It took the match and the crowd a while to get turned up. I expected a hot crowd from start to finish, but it didn't sound that way on my TV.

A lot of rest holds and punching. They began busting out the power moves, like Rock with a Samoan drop and Sharpshooter. Just seemed they had to catch their breath after each move.

Cena kept smirking at the crowd, hinting at a heel turn.

John Cena caught Rock in an STFU, Rock escaped. Cena hit him with the Five Knuckle Shuffle, Rock came back with a spinebuster. Rock went for The People's Elbow, but Cena reversed him into another STFU, which Rock powered out of. Rock hit a Rockbottom, Cena kicked out. Cena hit the AA, Rock kicked out. It was finisher madness.

They had a little "yay" vs "boo" strike exchange, where Cena was getting the jeers. Another quick shuffle ended with Rock taking another Attitude Adjustment, but he kicked out again. Cena went into move steal mode, and tried a Rock Bottom AND People's Elbow, both failed to finish The Rock. A third Rockbottom wasn't enough to finish Cena, either.

The crowd certainly picked up around the time Rock kicked out of multiple AA's. The finish was yet another Attitude Adjustment from Cena to The Rock, but this time it was enough. Not the most inventive ending.

Winner: NEW WWE Champion John Cena  

Both men chatted in the ring for a minute, and then shook hands. The show went out with The Rock's music playing, and him saying "I love you" to the whole crowd. I imagine this will be his last match ever.

Both men raised their hands at the end of the entrance ramp, and fireworks fired off for the grand finale. No Cena heel turn tonight, folks.