Yoenis Cespedes of the Oakland A’s hit 23 home runs in 129 games in 2012. Cespedes may have a monster 2013 in store, because he's doing things like telling manager Bob Melvin he was going to hit a homer with a warm-up donut on his bat… and then doing it.

Watch the video below for proof:

Yep, that happened during batting practice on Friday at the A's spring training facility in Phoenix.

“He told me today he was going to hit a home run off of me with the donut on the bat,” Melvin said. “That’s what he did. That was almost like Babe Ruth calling his shot.”

If Cespedes is launching balls out of the park with a donut on his bat, what will happen when he takes the weight off and speeds up his swing? Nothing but bad news for American League pitchers.