Last year, we told you that someone had built and installed the world's largest over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder on a building in London, and today we have an exciting update: It's on eBay. 

Technically a size 1360B, the behemoth brassiere is made of spinnaker nylon and weighs approximately 165 lbs, impressively light for something that is 26 parking spaces long. The legendary lingerie was created by a sailmaker at M Putt Sailmarkers, the only remaining sailmaking company in London, as a part of a breast cancer awareness campaign called 'Wear it Pink,' and was displayed on the ITV Tower on the Thames River, in London.

The bra now has it's own site and auction and 100% of the final sale price will benefit the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, so you can bid with confidence: Not only are you purchasing a record-holding boobie sling, but you're saving the tatas of the next generation. Always thinking of others, aren't you?

We love that the bra is listed as a 'used item,' mostly because it makes us imagine the size of the rack that would fit inside of this full-sized flop-stopper.