Remember that dream you had as boy? No not that one. Nope. Stop picturing Alyssa Milano naked and baking Milano cookies. The dream of owning every single Super Nintendo game ever. Dreams, those not involving hot TV stars and baked goods, can come true -- if you've got $25K.

An eBay listing containing all 721 SNES games ever made for the United States, Mexico, and Canada, sprung up the other day and the seller said the entire set, which includes original boxes for every game and manuals for 605 of the games, took three years to collect. The games have been professionally cleaned and tested and "work perfectly" according to the guy trying to make a sale.

So what's he going to do with the money if he sales all 721 games?

"100 percent of the profits from this sale will allow the seller to do the same for the European and Japanese SNES sets next."

Maybe take the money and visit Europe and Japan? Yeah, we know, that would be a ridiculous idea.