You dominated your fantasy baseball league last season. You were counting your winnings in your head sometime around Labor Day. It was almost unfair to everyone else involved. The only problem? You had to wait until the actual end of the fantasy season to collect your winnings.

Wouldn’t it be great to win cash playing fantasy sports every day? Well, wish granted son. The people over at understand men love money almost as much as they love playing fantasy sports. That’s why they’ve combined both loves into one awesome idea.

DraftKings makes fantasy sports simple – users draft a new team and can enter for a chance to win loot every day they wish to play. For new users, they even have a 100% Deposit Bonus for up to $600.

Unlike the typical recreational fantasy leagues, where payouts come at the end of the season, DraftKings pays at the end of each contest. Users can either roll the money over to enter even more daily contests or get paid in cold, hard cash.

Playing fantasy at DraftKings is simple –

  • Pick a contest -- Choose any of DraftKings’ daily contests to enter. The website offers a variety of simple contests to suit the preferences of even the most difficult user. Contest entry fees vary from $1 to $530. Once you’ve found a contest that’s to your liking…
  • Draft your team -- Keeping in mind your fixed salary cap, draft your starting roster for the day. The player pool will consist of every player suiting up for that day’s games.  Once you’ve got a full squad under the cap, you can submit the roster. You can swap out a player up until the time their game beings..
  • Sit back and enjoy -- The hard part is over. Now you just need your roster to deliver. DraftKings offers a special area where you can follow all your contests in real-time. If you place in a paid position in the contest, you win the determined amount, which will be credited to your account immediately following the night’s games.

Next week, DraftKings will be running a very special contest specifically designed for the GuySpeed audience. Make sure to check back for more details. In the meantime, head on over to DraftKings to enter contests immediately.

Daily fantasy action and making bank at the same time? Thank you Internets! The Internets can hear us right?

This post was produced in partnership with our advertising partner DraftKings.