'Zoolander' was a movie ahead of its time for its humor and ability to poke fun at an industry people take a little too seriously. While it didn't get much fanfare in the box office (to be fair it was released two weeks after 9/11) it's cultivated a massive cult following over the years.

'Zoolander' had so many celebrity cameos, it's easy to lose track of everyone who made an appearance in the Ben Stiller flick. Sure, we all remember Natalie Portman, Fabio and Billy Zane but it's easy to forgot famous faces like Alexander Skarsgard (shown in the above clip) had small, credited roles.

Here are six celebrity cameos in 'Zoolander' you probably forgot all about.

  • Andy Dick as Olga the Masseuse

  • Godfrey as Janitor Derek

  • Judah Friedlander as Scrappy Zoolander

  • James Marsden as John Wilkes Booth

  • Justin Theroux as the Evil DJ

  • Patton Oswalt as Monkey Photographer